Flex Tube Diverter™

The unique design of the Vortex® Flex Tube Diverter™ eliminates material cross contamination through a positive seal across the closed port. Pockets where material can lodge and remain trapped have also been eliminated. A smooth unobstructed transition from inlet to outlet shields the wear compensating seals from abrasion.

Key Industries Served: Agriculture, Chemicals, Foods, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Textiles

Rated for ATEX Zone 0/20 internal and Zone 1/21 external


  • The Flex Tube Diverter allows you the convenience of continuous conveying; being able to "shift on the fly" when handling non-abrasive materials.
  • Rotating tunnel diverters have seals which are exposed to excessive wear when changing ports and are prone to seizing and binding due to material build-up in the housing. The Flex Tube Diverter has net-running "live loaded" wear compensating hard polymer seals which are self-cleaning on each actuation.
  • Ordinary flapper-style diverter valves rely on soft elastomer seals which are exposed to blast abrasion causing them to erode rapidly, permitting material leakage into the closed line. The design of the Flex Tube Diverter protects sealing surfaces from blast abrasion, providing for long-term, reliable service.
  • Unshielded conventional hose diverters have hazardous exposed pinch points and are open to environmental dirt and moisture. The Vortex Flex Tube Diverter has a stainless steel housing to support the flexible tube, guard pinch points, and offer protection from the environment.


  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Diverts or converges material flow
  • Unobstructed opening
  • Available in 2 or 3-way configurations
  • No pinch points or exposed moving parts for safe operation
  • Food friendly options available
  • Designed for vacuum or dilute phase pneumatic conveying
  • Handles non-abrasive to mildly abrasive powders, granules and pellets
  • Choice of flexible tube
  • Material construction options available
  • Standard sizes: 2″ – 8″ | 50mm – 200mm