Quantum Clear Action Gate™

The Vortex® Clear Action Gate™ is designed for use in gravity flow or pneumatic conveying systems up to 15 psig (1 barg) depending on size. Mounted horizontally, the machined square-edged blade of this gate mechanically clears the material from the sealing surfaces on each closing cycle allowing it to discharge beneath the valve. Open cavities where material collects in traditional gate valves have been eliminated with the square blade and seal design.

Traditional knife gates or butterfly valves are designed to handle gases and liquids, not dry materials. These valves rely on soft rubber seals, which erode or tear away during use, allowing leakage of air and material through the valve or into the plant's atmosphere. This causes the frequent need for valve maintenance, production inefficiencies, and unsanitary plant environments. The Clear Action Gate is designed to eliminate these problems, increasing production, while decreasing labor and equipment costs.

Key Industries Served: Agriculture, Chemicals, Foods, Minerals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Textiles

Rated for ATEX Zone 0/20 internal and Zone 1/21 external



  • Traditional valves rely on soft rubber seals or packing for sealing. Rubber seals can erode or tear away in service and bonnet packing can "relax" allowing leakage necessitating frequent maintenance. The Clear Action Gate eliminates these problems by using "live" loaded hard polymer seals which compensate for wear, to maintain contact with the stainless steel blade.
  • Conventional round end blade knife gates and butterfly valves wedge material in the seal area which prevents positive shut off of material and air, causing excessive valve wear, material degradation and valve binding. The machined square edged blade of the Clear Action Gate mechanically "clears" the materials from the sealing surfaces on each closing cycle allowing materials to discharge beneath the valve. Open cavities where materials collect in traditional knife gate valves have been eliminated with the square blade and seal design.
  • The aluminum frame and body provide for light weight and corrosion resistance. The stainless steel gate internals, and hard polymer seals provide corrosion and wear resistance making this valve an excellent choice in handling food, plastics and fine minerals in applications up to 250 F.
  • Self-cleaning action on closure minimizes material build-up
  • Positive seal across the valve and to atmosphere
  • Serviceable while in-line
  • Accurate metering of materials with optional metering controls
  • No internal cavities for material to build up
  • No pinch points or exposed moving parts for safe operation
  • Food friendly options available
  • Gravity flow or dilute phase pneumatic conveying (pressure or vacuum)
  • Handles powder, granules and pellets
  • Horizontal or vertical valve orientation
  • Open / closed or volume metering of material
  • Material options available for wetted parts
  • Standard sizes: 6″ – 16″ | 150mm – 400mm | Contact us for custom sizes